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Throughout its 14 decades as New Jersey's Jesuit institution, Saint Peter's has distinguished itself as one of the metropolitan area's premier academic programs, based on its rigorous college preparatory curriculum and its student-centered teaching philosophy. Whether in a first-year Latin class or a senior elective in Sculpture, students are challenged to think independently and to actively participate in their intellectual growth and development. The result has been very competitive SAT scores and a consistent 99 percent of the senior class annually attending four-year colleges and universities nationwide, including many of the country's most prestigious institutions.

Saint Peter’s Prep, a Jesuit high school founded in 1872, offers a college preparatory curriculum that provides a well-balanced course of studies to meet the needs and interests of its students. Each year, a student takes 6 major courses, plus physical education. To graduate, every student must take a munimum of 4 years of religious education, 4 years of English, 1-2 years of Latin, 2 years of a modern language, 3 years of history, 3 years of mathematics, 2 years of lab sciences and 4 years of physical education. In addition, students in the first three years must complete studies in art, music, and group guidance, and fulfill a Christian Service requirement. There are electives beginning in sophomore year. The specific requirements for study in each discipline are listed at the beginning of each set of course descriptions.  

There is no one best course of study for all students.  By offering a a wide range of courses at different levels, we hope to give each student the opportunity to work with his guidance counselor to craft a course of studies that challenges him to do his best work, appeals to his interests and strengths, and prepares him well for college and beyond. 


The 2015-16 Course of Studies is available here.


Students received information sheets about requesting courses.  They will review their options with their counselors in March and early April and then make their selections in PowerSchool.  Parents are encouraged to discuss this process with their sons.  Counselors and the Vice Principal for Academics will review student choices and make modifications as needed to ensure that each student is meeting his graduation requirements and has selected courses that are right for him.  

Course selection sheets for current juniors, sophomores, and freshmen can be accessed through these links:

Class of 2016 - Selecting Courses for Senior Year

Class of 2017 - Selecting Courses for Junior Year

Class of 2018 - Selecting Courses for Sophomore Year


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