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Christian Service is a requirement for graduation at Prep. As a Jesuit school, we believe that it is invaluable for each student to spend time serving the underprivileged of his community, witnessing and coming to understand a different way of life. To fulfill their Christian Service requirement, freshmen are required to spend a day in service with their homeroom. For the 2013-2014 school year, the assignments are:
Homeroom Activity Date
1A, Mr. Innis Picnic for Chidren from The Nurturing Place September 25, 2013
1B, Mr. Hollywood Afternoon at PERC Shelter October 12, 2013
1C, Mr. Vaznelis Halloween Party for Hudson County Catholic Schools November 2, 2013
1D, Mr. Caulfield Christmas Party for Senior Citizens at The Harborage December 15, 2013
1E, Dr. Hartling New Day Community Winter Carnival January 11, 2014
1F, Mr. Que New Day Community Valentine's Day Party February 15, 2014
1G, Mr. Caslowitz New Day Community St. Patrick's Day Party March 15, 2014
1H, Coach Hansen III Senior Citizen Prom March 22, 2014
1I, Mr. Campbell Easter Egg Hunt for Hudson County Catholic Schools April 12, 2014
1J+1K, Ms. Simonson & Ms. LaBruno Field Day for Boys and Girls Club May 10, 2014


Additionally, students will attend an orientation session with me prior to their afternoon of service to prepare them, and a reflection session after to allow them to process their experience. These will take place during the freshman lunch period. Students will also be required to write a brief reflection paper. The questions for the reflection paper can be found HERE.

Freshmen must attend the day of service their homeroom is assigned. If the student ABSOLUTELY CANNOT attend that day, please contact Ms. Toomb at or (201) 547-6457 immediately to discuss other dates.