Saint Peter’s Prep requires three years of history. All freshmen take the World Civilizations course. High-achieving sophomores with a strong interest in history may request permission to take AP World History as a seventh major.
Upperclassmen take two years of United States History. With the exception of AP United States Government and Politics, all
other history electives are semester-long senior courses that can be chosen to complete a student’s course of study at Prep.

Mr. Anthony Verdi, '95* VerdiA@spprep.org 201-547-2321
Fr. Matthew Cassidy, S.J. CassidyM@spprep.org 201-547-2310
Mr. Paul Cunneen CunneenP@spprep.org 201-547-6489
Mr. Carl DeLorenzo, '67 DelorenzoC@spprep.org 201-547-6466
Mr. Brian Innis InnisB@spprep.org 201-547-2375
Mr. Anthony Keating, '78 KeatingA@spprep.org 201-547-2376
Mr. Patrick Laguerre LaguerreP@spprep.org 201-547-2324
Ms. Mary Anne McElroy McElroyM@spprep.org 201-547-6459
Mr. Anthony Verdi, '95 verdia@spprep.org 201-547-2321

* indicates department chairperson

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