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Students overlook the Atlantic Ocean from the porch of the Jersey Shore retreat house where Kairos is held. The facility, which includes a beach, provides multiple opportunities for recreation.

Kairos – which, translated from Greek, means God’s time – is an opportunity for students to reflect on the presence of God in their everyday life. The themes for the four-day retreat are based on Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises, and they challenge students to a deeper self-examination than the reflections of previous retreats.

The retreat takes place at a spectacular facility in the tri-state area and is led by seniors and members of Prep’s faculty and staff.

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Kairos 39: October 5-8
Kairos 40: December 7-10
Kairos 41: January 26-29
Kairos 42: February 16-19
Kairos 43: March 1-4
Kairos 44: April 11-15