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Naviance Family Connection

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Getting the Most out of Naviance Family Connection

Since adopting Naviance at Saint Peter's Prep, the program has proved to be an valuable resource for students, families, and counselors alike.  Naviance Family Connection provides students and their families with an outstanding college research tool and serves as a hub of information and planning for the college admission process. The data stored in our Naviance system is comprised of information from recent Prep graduating classes  and allows current students to use the most up to date information about where their peers have gone onto study.  Here are some of the features that make Naviance so helpful:

  • Colleges Tab
    • My Colleges Section
      In this section there are two links: "Colleges I'm Thinking About" and "Colleges I'm Applying to".  Once the account is opened students will be able to begin developing a list of "Colleges I'm Thinking" about.  The colleges that students enter into this list will be a  baseline for Naviance to identify other schools a student may be interested in.  When a college is entered into a student's list, the student is automatically registered to receive emails that provide information about upcoming Information Sessions and Interviews here at Prep.
    • College Research
      • SuperMatch College Search - This tool provides families with the ability to search for schools across the country based upon a wide range of characteristics.  From majors to Greek life, or school size to graduation rates, SuperMatch enables students to identify the characteristics that are most critical to them.  If a school appeals to you while using the SuperMatch, just click "Add to List" and the school will automatically be added to your "Colleges I'm Thinking About" list.
      • College Match - This tool integrates the schools from a student's "College I'm Thinking About" list, their standardized test scores, and academic information to identify colleges and universities the student may also want to consider.
      • Scholarship List - This list includes scholarships students may be eligible for.  Check it regularly for new opportunities.
  • Careers Tab
    • Explore Careers: My Favorite Careers & Clusters - Much like the "Colleges I'm Thinking About" list, "My Favorite Careers & Clusters" allows students to develop a list of careers they may be interested
    • What are My Interests? Career Interest Profiler - The extensive multiple choice survey asks students to identify tasks and activities they find preferable.  At the conclusion of they survey students are provided with a report on their potential interest based on the Holland Occupational Themes.  The report identifies students interest in 3 of 6 areas (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional).  Their interests are used to develop a list of potential future occupations. *These results should only be interpreted as a starting point in the consideration of future opportunities.  This survey will be conducted in Group Guidance class.

 If you need any assistance using Naviance Family Connection, please contact Ms. Rubinstein at 201-547-6462 or