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In response to the ultimate aim of Jesuit secondary education and the deepest needs of the students whom we serve, the Religion Department accompanies a student as he develops his knowledge of and relationship with God. Religion faculty members encourage a student’s sense of wonder as he experiences God and God’s world. The religion curriculum gives a student opportunities and resources to reflect on his life and education in light of his encounters with Jesus Christ and the Church. Finally, religion classes prepare a student for the college study of religion.

Ms. Cheryl Rice** Intro to Religion, New Testament 201-547-6398
Fr. Anthony Azzarto, S.J. Saints 201-547-6412
Mr. Russell Fiorella Intro to Religion, New Testament  
Mr. Michael Fletcher New Testament, Christian Ethics 201-547-6432
Mr. Frederick Galano Finding God in All Films 201-547-6382
Dr. Jeffrey Hartling Intro to Religion, World Religions 201-547-6384
Mr. Gregory Hartman Intro to Religion, Christian Ethics 201-547-6491
Ms. Tracy Kessler Christian Ethics, Bioethics 201-547-6405
Mr. Michael Prescia Intro to Religion, New Testament  201-547-6405
Dr. Natalie Williams New Testament, Christian Ethics 201-547-6425

** indicates department chairperson | * indicates assistant chairperson


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