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Retreats are an essential component of Saint Peter’s Campus Ministry program. They provide students with the chance to step away from their busy lives and reflect on the relationships they have with God, family, and friends. Our retreats also offer students an opportunity to reflect on themselves – providing them the time to examine who they are, where they come from, and what they believe in.

Though our various retreats differ in nature, they all make time for moments of prayer, camaraderie and brotherhood, group discussion, and individual reflection. It is our conviction as a Jesuit school that God can be found in all things. Prep’s retreat program helps our students along the path when it comes to finding “the extraordinary in the ordinary.”

Our program, which consists of retreats for all four-years of students, is peer-led, meaning that it’s the students that guide most of our retreat activities. Two “retreat teams” – the Emmaus Team and the Kairos Team – lead their respective retreats, as well as the freshman IgNite and sophomore retreats.

Prep also offers a Mother/Son retreat and a Father/Son retreat, providing opportunities for students to come together with their parents for a day of reflection, prayer, and fellowship.


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