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Prep's IT Infrastructure

The IT infrastructure at Saint Peter’s Prep has been developed over the course of 10+ years beginning with an initial classroom wiring project in 2001. Since then each building has been equipped with an IDF (Intermediate Data Frame) wired back to the MDF (Main Data Frame) with multimode fiber. A Cisco WS-C4510R+E serves as the core of the network and Cisco WS-C3560G-48PS-E and WS-C2960S-48LPS-L serve as distribution point in the IDF’s. Each port is PoE and provides low voltage to devices that require it. About 70% of our ports are Gb (Gigabit) with the rest being 100 Mb (Megabit).

The wireless infrastructure consists of 48 centrally managed WiFi access points which provide our campus with 100% coverage. We offer 4 virtual wireless networks, each with varying levels of security and access.

There are 4 dedicated computer labs on campus for student use:

  • The Link Center is a 24 virtual machine lab that is used primarily by the Computer Science department.
  • The Mulry computer room is a 28 PC lab that is available for faculty to sign out to teach technology driven lessons.
  • The Library lab consists of 36 PCs that can be used by students during free time.
  • The Music lab has 10 iMacs that are used to teach digital synthesizing and other digital music applications.

In addition, the Science department has 10 labs each equipped with 12 PCs used to collect and analyze lab data.

Our internet connection is rated at 150Mb download and 35Mb upload speeds.

The server pool is virtual, running VMWare on Dual Dell PowerEdge 2970 Hosts. Each server contains dual 6 core processors, 64GB of ram, and has access to up to 20 TB on the SAN. There are 30 virtual servers across the two hosts, providing a large number of services.