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Who We Are


Congratulations to 69 members of the class of 2016 who have been named to the 2015-16 Campus Ministry Team. The team includes Kairos Leaders, Sophomore Retreat Leaders, Eucharistic Ministers, and take leadership roles in planning school liturgies/prayer services, the Pax Christi service and justice club, and Arrupe Week.

Expectations are high for members of the Campus Ministry Team. It is important that each member act as an example in the Prep community, as well as on retreat and at mass. Each member is responsible for sharing their gifts and Christ's message of love in whatever ways they can.

2015-2016 Campus Ministry Team   


Enric Adillon
Juan Alcantara
Jonathan Alegria
Scott Andreas
Marc Anonuevo
Vieri Arriaga
Luke Bedell
John Bonnet
Owen Brancatella
Noah Brennan
Federico Burke
Jeremiah Campoverde
Quinn  Candelaria
David Clancy
Frank Coleman
Kevin Connelly
Vincent Costa
Brendan Cunningham
Jeremiah De Guzman
William Delaney
Jack DeSantis
Michael Dillane
Liam Dillon
Steven Domenech
Brian Dougherty
William Fitzpatrick
Mike Fogle
Quinn Candelaria
Duran Gonzalez
Luka Heinrich
Krishen Khurana
Christopher Kondratowicz
Jake Kopacz
Anthony Lenardo
John Lovito
Christopher Maloney
James Marchione
Diego Martingale
Dominick Mastrodonato
Alec Maxwell
Nicholas Moreno
Matthew Moriarty
Frankie Mottola
James Niland
Liam O'Donnell
Andrew Pappalardo
Justin Penik
Chris Picinic
Brendan Popovich
Robert Puhak
Pierce Rasmusson
Freddie Recio
Anthony Romano
Trevor Schumacher
Terence Small
Michael Sullivan
Sawyer Swanson
James Swetman
James Tanella
Kenny Tarantino
Nikesh Teckwani
Cameron Vasfailo
Michael Vinci
Adrian Voysey
Shamar Waterman
Edward Whitehead
Spencer Winell
James Wright
Joshua Yanicak