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Message from Fr. Reiser: Ken Boller, S.J. – A Leader and a Friend

Dear Friends of Saint Peter's Prep:

It was about this time in the winter of 1979 that I was first introduced to Fr. Ken Boller. I was a freshman at Canisius High School in Buffalo, and Ken was visiting the school in anticipation of assuming his role as principal the following fall. I was in the school library - studying, of course - when he walked through with several faculty members on a tour of the school he was to lead. I remember my freshman Latin teacher leaning over to us and indicating that "there was our new principal."  

My first impressions were tremendously positive. I remember a man smiling and talking energetically with those around him. From a distance, I thought about the opportunities that the next three years of my life would bring. To be frank, I felt that good things were coming by simply seeing Ken Boller from afar.

As my high school days unfolded, I was not disappointed. Ken was able to bring to Canisius a plan of education that was both focused and challenging, as well as familiar and supportive. I was fortunate and happy to have Ken as principal when I was a student, and to be frank, so was my father – who was paying the tuition bill!

As the years have progressed, through college, Jesuit formation, early priestly ministry, and now at Prep, I am glad to say that I have become good friends with Ken. As president of Prep, I would typically get together with Ken for dinner on a quarterly basis. During those dinners I learned a lot, and I enjoyed his company. I guess you could say, I have been both fortunate and happy to have Ken as a friend during these days at Prep, and in my life in general. As in high school, over the past seven years, I have found in Ken an example of what it means to be a person who knows Jesuit education and in so doing, helps others to discover their unique gifts and talents - themselves - along the way. 

As I look into Prep's future, I must admit that while I am very sad to leave Grand & Warren, I also have the same feelings I had as a fourteen year-old back in Buffalo, and that I have had throughout my life as a Jesuit.  I could not feel more fortunate and I could not be happier to have Ken coming to Prep. I am fortunate and happy that he will bring to Prep what he brought to Canisius, Xavier, Saint Aloysius, and Fordham Prep. I am also fortunate and happy that as his friend, I will be privy to all the good things that will be going on at Saint Peter's Prep in the years ahead.  

Please know, that as Ken gradually embraces Prep, and as he is embraced by Prep, I am confident that those same feelings will be shared by you, the members of the Prep community in the days, the months, and the years that are ahead!

Congratulations Fr. Boller and congratulations Saint Peter's Prep! 

Sincerely yours, 


Rev. Robert E. Reiser, S.J.


Father Reiser has been president of Saint Peter's Prep since July 2006.  He also taught mathematics and Latin at Prep from 1990 until 1993.  In addition, he has served at Canisius High School and McQuaid Jesuit, and as vocation director for the Jesuits on the East Coast.  

Fr. Reiser holds advanced degress in philosophy, divinity, theology and education.  He also serves on boards of trustees of Jesuit high schools and colleges in the northeast, as is vice chair of the board of the Jesuit Secondary Education Association in Washington, DC.