Tradition Transcends Thunderstorms at Prep's 40th Annual Golf Tournament

Submitted by mjiran on Thu, 06/22/2017 - 2:14pm

As alumni, parents, and friends of Prep enjoyed the Father's Day weekend and made their plans to visit Upper Montclair Country Club on Monday, it wasn't clear whether there would be a 40th annual Prep Golf Tournament at all. Dire weather forecasts over the weekend promised heavy rain throughout the day, as well as periods of severe thunderstorms. But when tournament day arrived, conditions were a bit more cooperative – at least for most of the day!

Where Next for the Class of '17?

While the Class of 2017 enjoy their first summer as Prep alumni, let's take a look at the colleges and universities that will welcome our newest alumni in the fall! This list includes schools that one or members of the Class of '17 have indicated they will attend (as opposed to all those to which they were accepted), as of June 10.