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Prep Day 2018

Prep Day is an opportunity for alternative educational/recreational activities which could not otherwise take place within the daily schedule. Off-campus learning experiences outside the normal routine are encouraged. Prep Day is mandatory for sophomores and juniors. Freshmen will be involved in Arts Day programming and seniors will have the day off.

This year, Prep Day will take place on Wednesday, April 18, 2018. Prep Day activities occur at different times and vary in cost. The list of events is posted below.   During the week of April 10 - April 17, students may bring in the signed permission slip (see link below) along with any necessary money to the teacher organizing the event in order to reserve a spot.  Sign-ups operate on a first come, first served basis, and they can fill up quickly.  A student is not guaranteed a spot until he has submitted his permission slip and any necessary money to the appropriate faculty member.   

All sophomores and juniors must sign up for an event.   If a student neglects to sign up for a Prep Day activity, he must still come to school on April 18 at 8 a.m., and an activity will be chosen for him.
Please contact Mr. Anthony Locricchio, Dean of Student Life, at or (201) 547-6487 with any questions. 



Common Interests 

 Life Skills Workshop

              Before striking out into the world on your own, come and learn some practical skills. Routine car maintenance, doing your own finances, living with a college roommate, etc. 9am to 12:30pm.

         Cost: ~ $15                     Register with: Mr. Trotta                      Can accommodate:20 students.


Board Games (CLOSED)

The name says it all!!! Classical strategy and competitve board game competitions... WITH a pizza lunch! 10a - 1p.

  Cost: ~ $5                     Register with: Ms. Bui                                    Can accommodate:20 students.

Yogi Berra Museum (CLOSED)

    Leave Prep at 8:30am to Montclair, NJ. Return to Prep by 12pm.

       Cost: $15 (feel free to bring snacks!)         Register with: Fr. Azzarto         Can accommodate: 25 students


Prep Soccer Club Tournament (CLOSED)

     FIFA tournament in the style of a round robin home and home, then knockout stage. 6 groups of 4, randomly populated. 10a - 2:30p. Learn how FIFA stage tournaments REALLY work!


  Cost - Just money for lunch                    Register with - Mr. Coccaro               Can accommodate - 24 students




Comic Book Tour of NYC

       Students will attend a tour of comic book stores, Forbidden Planet and Mysterious Time Machine, as well as famous bookstore the Strand. Students will meet store owners and tour the stores. All activities, including lunch, take place between Washington Square Park and Union Square. 9a - 3:30p

        Cost: $20 plus own spending for merchandise       Register with: Mr. Reese    Can accommodate: 25 students


Canvas Painting & Lunch

We will be traveling to an art studio in Bayonne. While there will be painting a canvas that will be brought home. After painting we will go to a local diner for lunch. 9:15a - 2p

Cost: $23 plus cost of lunch                  Register with: Ms. Rios                Can accommodate: 15 students



Native American Museum​ 

Trip to Native American Museum located at Alexander Hamilton U.S Custom House, 1 Bowling Green, NY, NY 10004- lunch downtown after. 9:30a - 2p

Cost: $25                                     Register with: Ms. Dallam                Can accommodate: 15 students


Let´s Bake and Break Bread Together!

We will take a walk to Prato Bakery on Erie Street and meet owner and baker, Simone Bertini who will give us a lesson in baking delicacies from his native town of Prato in the region of Tuscany, Italy. We will then enjoy a delicious lunch together. 9:30a - 1:30p

Cost: TBD - Cost of Lunch                    Register with: Ms. Romano                Can accommodate: 20 students


Trip to Museum of Chinese in American (Manhattan Chinatown) for Gallery Program

Who are America’s allies and enemies and do these definitions ever change? Students will examine the importance of World War II for Chinese Americans and look at how America’s relationship with China affected the condition of Chinese Americans during the Cold War. The program will also ask students to think critically about constitutional rights and the changing notions of what it means to be American. Topics covered will include the Chinese Exclusion Act, McCarthy period, the Red Scare, and the House of Un-American Activities Committee. This program is an excellent supplement to students who are studying World War II, the Cold War, US-China relations, and constitutional rights 10a - 3p

Cost:  $35                                   Register with: Mr. McGovern                           Can accommodate: 20 students

Visit the Vietnam War Exhibit at NY Historical Society

The New-York Historical Society presents an exhibition on one of the most controversial events of the 20th century: the Vietnam War. Featuring multiple interpretive displays, digital media, artwork, artifacts, photographs,pop culture artifacts of the era,  and documents, the exhibit provides an enlightening account of the causes, progression, and impact of the war. Spanning the duration of U.S. involvement in Indochina from 1945 to 1975, the narrative incorporates perspectives that cover both the home front and the war front. 8:30a - 1:30p

Cost: $25                                             Register with: Mr. Cunneen                Can accommodate: 15 students


French-German Excursion in New York City

Students will visit the Goethe Institut, the German Cultural Institute, to learn more about Franco-German relations historically and currently. We will then head to Le District at the World Trade Center, an authentic French market, for lunch. 8:30a - 2:30p

Cost: $30                                            Register with: Mr. Pastorek                  Can accommodate: 20 students


West Village Walking Tour

LGBTQ+ walking tour of the West Village in New York City.  Followed by lunch and a viewing of the film Love, Simon in Battery Park. 8a - 2:30p

Cost: $25 + Cost of lunch                      Register with: Mr. Campbell                 Can accommodate: 30 students


Scavenger Hunt :  Meat Packing District and the Highline

  When you search “high” on the Highline and “low” in the meatpacking district you will be surprised at what you will find.  Follow a trail of clues to explore this exciting neighborhood and answer quirky questions along the way. Along the way you will find the cool places and hidden history of this part of NYC. 9a - 1p.

Cost: $36 plus PATH                     Register with: Mrs. Dillane                Can accomodate: 21 students


Grant's Tomb!

The memorial represents gratitude for the Civil War hero who helped preserve the union.

Architecturally, it exemplifies the mixture of classical forms and motifs, on a massive scale, that characterized turn-of-the-century architecture. Interior mosaics and sculptures reflect the desire, on the part of the Grant Monument Association and the National Park Service, to embellish the tomb with artistic pieces commemorating General Grant. 9a - 1p.

Cost: PATH-Subway-Cost of lunch              Register with: Ms. McElroy               Can accomodate: 15 students


Tour of St. John the Divine Cathedral


The Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Manhattan’s west side is one of the largest Christian churches in the world. We will take the guided “Vertical Tour” of the cathedral:

On this adventurous, “behind-the-scenes” tour, climb more than 124 feet through spiral staircases to the top of the world's largest cathedral. Learn stories through stained glass windows and sculpture and study the grand architecture of the Cathedral while standing on a buttress. The tour culminates on the roof with a sweeping view of Manhattan. 9:30a - 2:30p

 Cost: $33                     Register with: Dr. Williams                Can accomodate: 25 students


                                                            Art and Performance


Who is my Neighbor? Movie and Discussion

We will watch the movie “The Visitor” and an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation to talk about how we can build relationships with those who may be  refugee or of a different culture than our own. 9:30a - 1p

 Cost: FREE! Bring money for lunch           Register with: Mr. Galano                      Can accommodate:25 students.


Madame Tussaud Wax Museum


Students will visit the wax museum in Times Square, which includes access to five floors of celebrities, world leaders, historical figures and sports icons, as well as various interactive experiences, such as the Marvel 4-D film and the Ghostbusters Experience. 8a - 3p

Cost: $28 + cost of lunch                           Register with: Mr. Tabora                      Can accommodate:20 students.

Math Movie Day

We will be showing Hidden Figures (the story of 3 African American women working at NASA) and, time permitting, A Beautiful Mind (the oscar winning story of John Nash)

Cost: FREE! Bring money for lunch           Register with: Ms. Glazer                     Can accommodate:15 students.



Boats and Burritos

We will head to the Navesink River in Red Bank, NJ to kayak. The water is very calm and students will receive a tutorial on kayaking before they get on the water. After kayaking for two hours, there will be a picnic and time to play various lawn games. 

  Cost: $70 plus own spending              Register with: Mr. Morrissey            Can accommodate: 15 students


Top Golf (CLOSED)

Students will meet at Prep and take a bus to Top Golf in Edison. Come learn Golf for two hours and return to Prep. 8a - 12p

Cost: $47 plus own spending              Register with: Mr. Canale            Can accommodate: 22 students


Health and Fitness Bootcamp

       Engage in day filled with exercise and health instruction. The day will also include a walk to a local eatery for lunch and a presentation from our Head Athletic Trainer, Joe Lisella. Please be sure to bring athletic clothing and footwear (sneakers) in order to participate in this Prep Day Event. The day will start at 9:00 a.m. and run through 1:00 p.m.

Begins at 9 a.m., ends at 1 p.m

Cost: Approximately $10 for lunch              Register with: Mr. Que (Gym)                     

Can accommodate: 30 students