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Prep Day 2016

Prep Day is an opportunity for alternative educational/recreational activities which could not otherwise take place within the daily schedule. Off-campus learning experiences outside the normal routine are encouraged. Prep Day is mandatory for sophomores and juniors. Freshmen will be involved in Arts Day programming and seniors will have the day off.

This year, Prep Day will take place on Wednesday, April 20, 2016. Prep Day activities occur at different times and vary in cost. The list of events is posted below.   During the week of April 11-15, students may bring in the signed permission slip (see link below) along with any necessary money to the teacher organizing the event in order to reserve a spot.  Sign-ups operate on a first come, first served basis, and they can fill up quickly.  A student is not guaranteed a spot until he has submitted his permission slip and any necessary money to the appropriate faculty member.   

Please note that some events occur after school on Tuesday evening, April 19.  Students participating in those events do not need to come into Prep on Wednesday, April 20.   All sophomores and juniors must sign up for an event.   If a student neglects to sign up for a Prep Day activity, he must still come to school on April 20 at 8 a.m., and an activity will be chosen for him.
Please contact Mr. Anthony Locricchio, Dean of Student Life, at or (201) 547-6487 with any questions. 



Art and Performance


“Fun Home"

One of the most groundbreaking productions ever to hit Broadway, Fun Home is the winner of five 2015 Tony Awards including Best Musical. Based on Alison Bechdel's best-selling graphic memoir, Fun Home features music by Jeanine Tesori, book and lyrics by Lisa Kron and direction by Sam Gold, whose work on this production earned them Tony Awards for Best Score, Best Book and Best Direction.


Fun Home introduces us to Alison at three different ages, revealing memories of her uniquely dysfunctional family – her mother, brothers and volatile, brilliant, enigmatic father – that connect with her in surprising new ways. This intimate and emotional theatrical experience is performed entirely in the round, bringing audiences closer to Alison’s story than ever before. A refreshingly honest musical about seeing your parents through grown-up eyes, Fun Home is “a blazingly original heartbreaker and a nonstop treasure of invention


TUESDAY NIGHT, APRIL 19 EVENT! – Leaves Prep at 7:00 p.m., returns by 11:30 p.m.

Cost: $68, plus money for PATH & Dinner    Register with: Dr. Scibilia  Can accommodate: 15 students





College Essay Writing Workshop


     Essay writing workshop with Dr. Peek, Director of Admissions at Fordham University. It will be a great learning opportunity for rising seniors.


       Cost: FREE           Register with: Mrs. Morrissette         Can accomodate: 20 students


NCAA College Fair

              College Fair in Secaucus for New Jersey students.



Cost: $30                        Register with: Ms Dallam           Can accommodate: 20 students




Common Interests 

 Life Skills Workshop

              Before striking out into the world on your own, come and learn some practical skills. Routine car maintenance, doing your own finances, living with a college roommate, etc. 9am to 12:30pm.

         Cost: ~ $10                     Register with: Mr. Trotta                      Can accommodate:15 students.


How Economics and Statistics Rule Our World

    Why does a $500 tuxedo rent for $90 a day while a $20,000 car rents for only $40 a day? Want to discuss the link between sports and statistics? Watch and discuss the documentary and books of Freakonomics and The Economic Naturalist. At Prep from 9am to 1pm.

     Cost: FREE! Bring lunch.         Register with: Mr. Quinn                  Can accommodate: 20 students


Yogi Berra Museum

    Leave Prep at 9:00am to Montclair, NJ. Return to Prep by 2pm.

       Cost: $10 (feel free to bring snacks!)         Register with: Fr. Azzarto         Can accommodate: 20 students


Live Robotic Surgery Viewing

     Are you interested in the medical field or are you just curious about how surgery is performed.  Come to a live surgery viewing of a robotic surgery.   You will see first hand how cutting edge technology minimizes patient trauma during surgery and will have the opportunity to ask the performing surgeon questions in real time.

     Cost:  $28.00 plus light rail          Register with: Ms. Flores                      Can accommodate: 20 students


Toast to Adventure!


First, we will have lunch at “Toast” in Montclair. Then, we head on over to Adventure Rooms! You and your teammates will find yourselves in an unfamiliar environment. Your team will rely on the cumulative knowledge, experience, and "street smarts" to work out a plan to solve your way out. You will work together to gather objects, find clues, decipher codes, open locks and solve puzzles to find the key that will lead you to freedom.

     Cost:  $60                             Register with: Mr. Comey                          Can accommodate: 22 students


A Day of Chess


1. Showing movie, “Searching for Bobby Fisher”

2.  Brief lesson on chess notation

3.  Lunch (pizza brought in)

4.  Chess Tournament


  Cost - Just money for lunch                    Register with - Mr. Coccaro               Can accommodate - 25 students



Painting Class


Join us for an instructional painting class, where professional staff will take you step by step to create your own masterpieces! Once finished, you can take the painting home and hang them on your very own walls.         


Cost: $22                         Register With: Ms. Bui                 Can accomodate: 20 students



Hearthstone Tournament

Come to Prep's second annual Hearthstone Tournament! The all-day tournament will kick-off at 9am in MSC 213 (the room will open at 8am for practice). 15 packs go to the champion as first prize!


Cost: FREE! (just bring money for lunch)   Register with: Mr. Bourg         Can accomodate: 23 students




Hudson River Views

Walk the High Line, enjoy NY Pizza, and go on a guided tour of the new Whitney Museum of Modern Art.


Cost: $27.50          Register with: Fr. Mullin                 Can accommodate: 20 students


Museum of the Moving Image Tour

           Visit this great movie museum and see their exhibit: Behind the Screen.

Interactive  multimedia exhibits let you dub your voice into famous films, remix film scores and sound FX, & create computer animations. See an amazing collection of movie memorabilia including Chewbacca’s mask, many costumes, Star Wars models, posters, & actions figures from many famous films. Learn how movies are made and have evolved.

Cost: $28              Register with: Mr. Cunneen H001        Can accommodate: 20 students


Comic Book Tour of NYC

        Students will tour 2 to 3 comic book shops in NYC. In addition, one owner will talk about his shop/experiences and answer questions. Possible guest visit from a well-known comic book creator?!?!?

        Cost: $20 plus own spending for merchandise       Register with: Mr. Reese    Can accommodate: 20 students


9/11 Museum and Memorial Tour

Visit the 911 Memorial and tour the museum.  If weather permits, a walking tour of downtown Manhattan will follow with lunch at a downtown fast food establishment.  

  Cost: $35 plus Lunch                Register with: Sister Frances            Can accommodate: 30 students


One World Observatory


Observatory followed by a walk through the new transportation hub, Battery Park and (time permitting) a round trip boat ride on the Staten Island Ferry.  Lunch can be purchased at the Ferry Terminal. 


Cost: Approximately $35           Register with: Mr. Campbell   Can accommodate: 20 students






Health and Fitness Bootcamp

       Engage in day filled with exercise and health instruction. The day will also include a walk to a local eatery for lunch and a presentation from our Head Athletic Trainer, Kyle Kutsup. Please be sure to bring athletic clothing and footwear (sneakers) in order to participate in this Prep Day Event. The day will start at 9:00 a.m. and run through 1:00 p.m.

Begins at 9 a.m., ends at 1 p.m

Cost: Approximately $10 for lunch              Register with: Mr. O'Flaherty (Gym)                     

Can accommodate: 30 students